Consultation and Examination

We believe giving you the time to explain everything about your health problem is of great importance. It is in the consultation and history that we learn what to do in your examination to find out what is going on in your body. The consultation and examination together lead us to do the right tests, so we will know if you have a problem that we can help, how severe it is and what the best treatment approach will be for you.

Report of Your Findings

We feel that the time spent for you to understand what is going on with your body is time well spent. We will explain our findings so you can fully participate in your path to better health


We believe our multidisciplinary, team approach, using the education and experience of several board certified professionals, is why patient response is so good in our clinic. Every treatment we recommend is current, state-of-the-art or has stood the test of time for effectiveness. We use several different treatment methods since there is no “on size fits all.” Our team wants you to have good results in as short a time as possible.

Treatment Methods

Our treatment methods are chosen based on your specific and unique needs and may include one or more of the following: Travell medical trigger point methods for pain and to eliminate irritation in the muscle and ligaments Physical Therapies to reduce pain, muscle spasm and nerve injury Manual therapy to reduce pain, muscle spasm and nerve compression/damage Frequency Specific Microcurrent has helped thousands stay symptom free and can be done at home. Rehabilitation exercises & lifestyle recommendations to improve function & decrease your relapse potential. Nutritional support for the repair of unhealthy areas, replace nutrients lost from drug interactions, to reduce pain and improve overall health.

Payment Options

Our goal is to help you be healthier. In addition to filing insurance, we have several interest free payment options for those who need one.

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